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insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...

(Albert Einstein)



The longest running and most comprehensive reference point for brain tumour patients. Founder Dr Al Musella has done more than any other individual to advance clinical care for brain cancer. A podiatrist from Brooklyn, Dr Musella has dedicated his life to fighting for better care for patients since being affected personally twice by this devastating disease.


The Brain Tumour Charity, formerly the Samantha Dickson Research Trust, is the UK's largest brain cancer charity and works to advance research in the field. The charity is affiliated with this film and is financing and marketing the premieres in London and New York. The film makers and the patients in the film, together with some of the doctors featured, are working with a wider group of international collaborators to attempt to launch a clinical trial into a an expansive multiple agent approach for the newly diagnosed. The Brain Tumour Charity is working to support this effort financially, you can contribute to this effort, with 100% of the funds going directly to the trial via the link below:


The Brain Tumour Charity is wholly indepedent from our organisation, with their accounts fully audited by The British Charity Commission.


The Anticancer Fund is a private research-orientated organisation. Populated almost exclusively by scientists (PhDs, MDs), this unusual charity has proven to be an innovative, and invaluable partner for some of the doctors featured in the film who are trying to launch clinical research initiatives which would not have any traction with traditional funding streams. The Anticancer Fund is also the major benefactor of the ReDo project, and is providing their expertise to pilot our initiative for a clincal investigation of cancer cocktails.


An incredibly in-depth and knowledgeable source of information that represents a gold mine for pro-active patients looking to inform themseves about every aspect of their disease, treatment and forward care. The information provided may be relevant to many variants of brain cancer.


The Repurposing Drugs in Oncology project is an initiative to provide oncologists with a robust, independently researched, database of existing non-cancer drugs that could be helpful to combine with existing standards of care across all cancers. By publishing this data in peer-reviewed journals, ReDO will provide input to clinical trials and to doctors interested in safely and confidently prescribing off-label drugs to their patients. ReDO is a collaboration between The Anticancer Fund and Global Cures.


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